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Footprint x3I was dining at home with friends on Friday evening, and we got chatting about life and things we had done. I then mentioned that possibly each of us have left our footprint on someone’s life without ever knowing it.
This is my story.  When I started working at NSW Motors in Newcastle in the accounts department, in my early 20’s, I was shy and did not really stand up for myself.  There was a lady who worked on the “switchboard” as it was called then, which was one of Peg Board Tasmthese pegboards, a bit like the one I saw at the Beaconsfield mine in Janaury.  That tells you how many years ago, with me having to say..  Well this lady called Margaret, was the strongest get nicest lady I had ever met.  She was confident in herself and her abilities, extremely efficient, and took no bullying from anyone.   She became my role model, and truly made me look at life with new eyes.    I worked with Margaret for about 2 years.

After leaving the company and moving overseas, I did not see her for at least 15 years, although we always sent Christmas cards to keep in touch.    Then one day I was thinking about my life and how it turned out, and where my “strength” had come from.   I decided I would write to Margaret and let her know just how much she had effected my life.    I felt proud to tell her, and she naturally was overwhelmed to hear what I had to say, as she had NO idea that she was my role model, and had made such an impression on me.  Receiving these words from me, brought a new lease of life to her as well.  I am so pleased I share my feelings with her.

SpecialCare Central inc. will hold again the Disability Awareness & Post School Options Expo on 14th September’16 SCC-DAPSOE2016-Flyer and each year we hold the Recognition Awards for people with Disability.   The Local Hero awards are part of these Recognition Awards, and we would like to hear your Story.

Please share this with others, and we look forward to your comments.


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