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Flexi Care Vacancies



Flexi Care


Placement Vacancy

My name is Amanda and I am the Senior Podiatrist at Flexi Care Inc. I am writing to you to let you know that we currently have vacancies for clients under 65 years of age (50 for Torres Strait Islanders and Aboriginal) who have a moderate severe or profound disability or a condition which restricts their ability to carry out activities of daily living and carers of these people.

In addition to this we currently have vacancies for clients who are 65 years and over (50 years for Torres Strait Islander people) frail old people and their carers who live in the community and whose capacity for independent living is at risk, or who are at risk of premature or inappropriate admission to long term residential care.

There are currently no wait lists for the above vacancies. Please find attached more information for your perusal. Additional information can be found on our website or you are more than welcome to phone our office on (07) 3422 8419 between the hours of 08:30 – 16:30 Monday – Friday.

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