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OUR VALUES: Communication, Respect, Integrity, Clarity & Compassion


We impart or exchange useful information and share good news stories with each other to encourage social inclusion and awareness in our community.

Communication between team members, clients, service providers, and the community will encompass the strong values of the organisation. We will communicate respectfully at all times with integrity, clarity and compassion.

We honour and respect the abilities, qualities and achievements of our team members, clients, service providers and the community and acknowledge the uniqueness of all of those with whom we engage.

We take pride in conducting ourselves with integrity, showing the qualities of honesty based on strong values and principles.

We will deal openly and honestly whenever we engage with team members, clients, service providers and the community.

We have compassion and concern for the experiences of others and AIM to support members of the community by offering links to service providers who focus on health and wellbeing.



It is our Mission to bring awareness to the information needs of our senior citizens and of all people with disabilities. To enable and empower them to take control of their lives and independence, and to be shown the dignity and respect they deserve. Achieve our purpose of “linking communication” and to be recognised as the principle portal for information for those with special needs and their carers.


Linking Communications

Yvonne CampbellMessage from the President/ Founder Yvonne Campbell

What an exciting journey I have been on during the process to launch SpecialCare Central Inc.

Meeting some of the wonderful service providers and agencies who are providing assistance to improve wellbeing and quality of life,  make us more determined to develop our linking service to bring awareness to our citizens rights and their quality of life.

Our Management committee have first hand experience in community development and special needs services, and I am proud to be part of such a dedicated team with a united vision.

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