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NDIS Rollout has arrived

A message below from John Della Bosca from Every Australian Counts.

we made it real

I’d like to share a story with you.

Quite some time ago now, when I was a state minister for disability, I met a widower in his late 70s. He was the sole carer of his daughter Wendy, born with a disability 53 years before.

The father was tired. And, he said, growing more and more concerned about what would happen to Wendy when he could no longer care for her. He asked me what I could do. He asked me what would happen to his daughter when he died. He asked me how I would feel if it was my daughter.

And I couldn’t answer him.

I tried to reassure him as best I could but as he left I knew it wasn’t enough. Even as a government minister I had no real way to give Wendy the life she deserved when her dad was gone.

But today is a day for celebration because if that same family came to see me today it would be a very different story.

John Della Bosca

Watch the video celebrating the full roll out of the NDIS and share it through your social media networks.

Today the NDIS moves from a handful of trial sites to the beginning of full roll out to people with disability across Australia.

It starts small but over the next few years an estimated 460,000 people with disability will be receiving the support they need to lead the life they choose.

The NDIS will mean people with disability and their families will not have to plead or petition for basic services. They won’t have to wait years for a wheelchair or hoist.

People with disability will be supported with what they need to achieve their own life goals.

More than $22billion will go into the scheme at full roll out – meaning tens of thousands more people than today will get the support they need. And because of the way the system is designed, people with disability and their families will have much greater choice and control over who provides their services, how and when.

The NDIS is only real because you fought for it. It’s real because you shared your stories, held morning teas, visited MPs and attended rallies. It’s real because you said enough was enough.

Take a minute. This is a huge milestone and I’m so excited to be sharing it with you.

Thanks for all you have done to help us get here. This is for Wendy and the hundreds of thousands of people who now have hope for a better life.


John Della Bosca
And the Every Australian Counts team

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