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21st August 2014

Just a small number gathered on the day to participate in the forum with some constructive input. The main topic of the day was Sensory Awareness / Autism


Events: When having an event that is designed to be inclusive of all members of the community, it is worth thinking about people with Sensory needs who have difficulty with sound and standing in queues. Eg: Photos with Santa – best to set aside some time to make appointments for children to meet and have their photo taken with Santa, standing in a queue for any length of time can be impossible therefore they miss out on the pleasure of this event.

Council Park Facilities – Master Key: There appears to be a difficulty with the availability of a Master Key to fit ALL park facilities which needs to be looked into.

The facilities maybe called Disability Friendly, and have wheelchair access but the changing facilities for Older or Adult children is insufficient.

Restaurants and public buildings are not all wheelchair friendly, accessibility is a problem and council need to be made aware of facilities that are not inclusive for all the community members.

Medical Staff: Again this topic was bought up about medical staff not having skills to deal with people with disability, Children with Autism was the main focus in this group, although the Royal Children’s Hospital did get a good rap.

Education: Appears there is still a gap between main stream schools and special schools.   One lady has a children who does not tick all the boxes for Special School, but it too “high maintenance” for the main stream school and they keep suspending the child.   Appears to be a complex situation.

This certainly was a learning curve once again for me, and I was pleased to have the opportunity to meet with them and gain another view about how difficult life can be in our modern society for those with disability.

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