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Ipswich Carer forum – 31st July 2014

Commonwealth Respite & Carelink

Blue Care

Carer Forum held at the Ipswich Club

Sincere thanks to Lee-Ann Joseph, Dana Farrell, Helen Howell and Susan from Commonwealth Respite & Carelink for your support and efforts to put this successful forum together.    We can recommend the catering at the Club as well.

The results from the 6 tables were constructive and informative and everyone appeared to enjoy the opportunity to have their say towards the development of our proposed Television Series.
Table 1:

  • Television would be beneficial as not everyone has a computer
  • Events information would be helpful and interesting if they are provided with variety for different interest groups.
  • Ideal information point to identify services that maybe available to meet needs.
  • Funding opportunities to assist carers and how to find out where to go for eligibility for funding.
  • Info install for GP’s to know where to refer their patience too.
  • What do we do if something happens to the carers.  IE: if the carer becomes unable to continue caring due to illness.   Who is their first point of contact.
  • Should be a central register of carers based from:
    ACAT Assessment teams, Medicare, Hospital records, Centrelink
    Table 2:
  • The vote for a television program over Online information was 5 to 1
  • Suggest one topic per episode, with phone numbers and weblinks to services provided.
  • A DVD of an episode
  • Need to know what organisations do and finding the right person in the organisation that can help.
  • Awareness needs to be made about Phone and internet scams
  • Workshop to show how to use equipment and/or website
  • Value in posting copy of events as not all have internet and may miss TVshow.
  • TV should be “role palyed”to demonstrate better than a “talking head”.
    Table 3
  • Television can bring awreness of some of the services and what’s available.
  • Radio would be another option to get the message out there as a lot of people access the radio in their car and easy to pick up information when driving.
  • TV late in the evening would be best timing.
  • To make life easier?: Change some of the red tape, carer’s security, more frequent in depth comprehensive checks.   Organisations having a high standard of screening staff. Employed carers need more training in age care.  Taking time to recruit staff appropriately, no short cuts.   Clearer info about the changes within the age care packages and NDIS.   More on call staff required,  Increased funding for staff required.
  • What is important to you as a carer?
  •  *The quality of service for the carer     *Putting a smile to the persons face can make a lot of healing from within that person.
  •  *Knowing where to go if the Carer is no longer able to care through sickness or death
  • *Financial Security, what is going to happen
  • *Life skills for the person with disability
  • *What support is available to carers
  • *Service providers not giving info of Emergency services available.
  • *More support required for Young Carers.
  • More info required on funding and eligibility criteria and what services are available.
    Table 4
  • Television  show needs to be free to Air
  • Accessing information via TV and Internet and be complimentary.
  • Interest to know what services are available.
  • Would like to see a Nav Man style of information showing where to find local service providers.
  • Program needs to be in Layman Language
  • Would like to be able to see some of the relevant information on You Tube.
  • Need to know how much support is available
  • Programming guide by Email, Post,, Web Page and Social Media.
  • Information on Carers networking – forums
  • Commercial basis for longevity – sustainability.
  • Like minded people working together to networking to resolutions, loby groups, case studies and to find resources.   Social connectivity.
  • Current TV shows often sensationalise disability – The show should present disability in an enabling manner
  • Info required is WHEN, WHERE, WHAT & HOW.
  • News about legislation – Government Policy and how it affects carers and the Special Needs community.
  • “Life after being a carer” –
    Table 5    (Susans Crew)
  • Prefer TV or Video/Audio instead of reams of paper.
    Morning tea and presentation.
  • Types of presentations of interest would be
    *Activities of various Services
    *Types of HELP available
    *Types of Care services
    *Types of Funding available
    *A clearer understanding of the NDIS and Aged care reforms.
    * Info about Carer support groups.
    * Holiday destinations that are Wheelchair friendly.
  • What is important to us
    *The freedom to access the community for     our children and ourselves through respite and through support staff being available.
    *A quality of life that all people wish to access for our children
    *Education:    General public not to use disability parking and facilities.
    And Etiquette and consideration in supermarkets toward wheelchair access in       aisles.
    Table 6
  • Prefer TV – less interaction and can record for later viewing.  Less number of people have a computer to access information.

    *Would be helpful to have follow up mail out.

  • Would prefer information in small pieces so that there is not too much to take in at one time.
  • Show Links to services via the TV show.
  • More information needed about in home assistance. Eg Cleaning
  • Very important to have continuity of carer staff in home.
  • Topics of interest to see on the TV:
  • Simple Gardening & Cooking
    Book Clubs
    Interest in other groups
    Info on Services Available and what to do if  you need to leave your home urgently
    or permanently.
    Products available to help at home.


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