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George Kambouris – Ambassador

George on bikeWe welcome George and are proud to say he is our Ambassador.

George Kambouris was born with Spina Bifida and we admire his passion and desire to help others in wheelchairs through his program  “Living on Wheels”.     Having had the personal experience himself for many years of having to teach himself how to manipulate his wheelchair through many difficult access situations, and being extremely involved in sport at top level,  he feels the desire to share his knowledge.

George says “You think it’s tough being in a wheelchair? Well, then you’re right! It is tough. But it is tougher yet not knowing how to really use one and not knowing what to do about it”. George offers lifestyle and mobility programs that he conducts personally to enable you to learn these valuable skills and gain the confidence to truly live on wheels, as well as show people how they can do wheelies, play basketball and even ride horses.

“You might not realise just how much skill it takes to be able to stay in your chair on a daily basis”, George said, “and how daunting that can be for a person particularly if they are new to being in a chair”. George has had experience from day one and is ready to help others start on their journey to learning how to have real freedom in their chair.

George’s ultimate passion is to help others to enjoy the same freedoms in life that he does.

For more details call George on (07) 3843 6769 or mobile: 0411 797 500. He can also be contacted by email:  or his website at

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