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Forum 13th November’14

12 People at the forum today and each made a valuable contribution to the information gathering day. Some of the major outcomes and concerns were as follows:

  • EMPLOYMENT/TRAVEL: A family member with a mental disability found employment with an organisation who was only one bus ride away. The Company moved and they now have to get multiple buses which can be a problem for the employee. The family are afraid to take her out of this employment, as they think it will be difficult to find something else closer to home.
  • MULTI CULTURAL SERVICE PROVIDERS: One of the carers has a mother with Dementia and she came to Australia from a European Country where the culture and language is different. They would like to find an organisation that has multi Cultural home Care Support Worker who could assist and relate to her needs, in their own home.
  • CARER PAYMENTS -v- COST TO GOV’T FOR IN HOSPITAL CARE: A relevant question was asked. Why is the Carer payment so low? If carers were paid a respectable amount to Care for someone at home, they would then not have to go to work to suppliment the income and have some home care, and not so many people would end up in Hospital Care which costs the Government a lot of money each year.
  • CERT III IN AGED CARE APPEARS TO BE DONE BEHIND A DESK:  It was agreed that this training should be held in a facility ,  because many people who work in a facility do not have the awareness of older people’s ailments, (and the requirements of people with various disabilities). For an example, a 89 yr old gentleman who cannot hear well without his hearing aid, is in the Hospital because he had a fall. The nursing staff speak with him but he is very vague with his answers. The staff then start to suggest he has Alzheimers and feel he should be assessed to be moved into an aged care facility. Only when the wife was advised of this, she asked why does he need to be assessed his mind is healthy?   Quickly she realised they had not been aware that he could not hear them without a hearing aid. Many incidents like this happen, and families believe there should be more hands on education provided to facility Support workers.
  • WHO KNOWS BEST?: It has been suggested that home assist support workers run to their own system and do not listen to the family CARER. That there is a lack of respect for the carers from the support workers, government, Service providers and the general public. (We at SpecialCare Central Inc. hope this is not the case, and if carers are feeling this way then they and us need to be more assertive and stand up for our rights).
  • SOCIALIZING: This appears to be a big problem and an area that needs a lot more attention for both the Person with Disability and Carers.

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